Micro Vita Med Research
Micro Vita Med Research

Why Integrated Medicine


Integrated medicine/ composite therapy means to utilize different system of therapy (Allopathy, Ayurveda, Vaidayak, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Ethnomedicine, Yogic, Microvita, Music, Aroma, Hypnosis etc.) for the well being of humanity without propagating any particular system of therapy.

The concept

The basic idea is that the benefit of whatever research has been done at different times by different people in the field of human health should be available to all; so that the dream of “healthy universal human society” may come true.


  • There are so many dogmas prevalent in the medical field. People are using different types of treatment systems blindly thinking it to be the best. Specialists of one system criticizing the other system as most unscientific. In this conflict, knowingly or unknowingly, the prime aim of the health of the patient becomes secondary or subdued.
  • People of particular system advertise so much that an ordinary patient becomes biased and slave of that particular system; caught in the hunt of exploitation.
  • Medicines and treatment has become the base of exploitation and will continue too. The cost of the medicines and the prevalence of diseases, both are escalating.
  • There is, therefore, an impressive need to develop the balance among all, make it a composite therapy or integrated medicine for the physical, mental and spiritual development and progress of humanity. Thus, there is an urgent need to open research centers in this direction.